Applications for returning officer and assistant returning officer

Written applications are sought for the role of returning officer and assistant returning officer as required under our Union rules for the purposes of the quadrenial Union elections in 2023. Written applications should be submitted to Branch Secretary Leroy Lazaro Nominations close C.O.B Thursday 1st December 2022.The roles will be selected at the next … Read more

BSA Class Action Settlement

BSA Class Action Settlement The settlement approval hearing has been set down for hearing on July 8th 2022 before Bromberg J. Settlement notices have gone out to all group members who registered for the Class Action advising them to come forward to register for the settlement by June 17th 2022. So anyone who has registered, … Read more

Motions For Quarterly General Meeting Saturday 19th March

Ukraine That this General meeting of Members of the Victorian Branch of the Communications Workers Union resolves to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the actions of Vladimir Putin and his murderous invasion of Ukraine. We stand united with all citizens of a free and democratic Ukraine, and all citizens of the world who believe … Read more

Telstra Restructure

Telstra Restructure Key Points: Telstra is being split into four separate companies: Telstra Limited Amplitel InfraCo Telstra International 19’600 employees inc. frontline, Workstream and casual employees will move from Telstra Corp Limited to Telstra Limited. Amplitel which is 51% owned by Telstra owns the mobiles tower infrastructure; anyone who works on mobile towers infrastructure will move … Read more

Telstra Vaccinations

Telstra Vaccinations 6 September 2021 Telstra has notified the Union of its intentions to seek to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for parts of their workforce, including those where: You frequently interact with customers and other members of the public; You are required to work in high-risk locations with vulnerable persons or in locations that might lead … Read more

Submitted Motion for Quarterly General meeting on March 27th

Submitted Motion for Quarterly General meeting on March 27th Publishing of CWU member’s Posts on the CWU Victorian branch Facebook page A key part of a robust union democracy involves rank and file members being able to participate in an open, frank and transparent discussion of issues and decision making processes with both the union … Read more

Telstra AWA Termination

TELSTRA AWA TERMINATION The Fair Work Commission has provisionally approved the termination of AWA’s in Telstra. By now you should have received notification from the Fair Work Commission that you have until Monday 15th March 2021 to  notify the Fair Work Commission if you want to be heard on the issue. This can include if you … Read more

Protecting your EBA

PROTECTING YOUR JOBS, YOUR CONDITIONS, YOUR EBAs Dear members, The Morrison Government has made it easier for employers to cut workers’ pay and conditions by allowing employers to give just one day’s notice before opening a vote on changes to your EBAs – bypassing the proper consultation period with you and your Union. These changes … Read more

Latest COVID-19 Bulletin

STREAMLINED CONTACTLESS DELIVERY, SIGNAGE IN POST OFFICES, SOCIAL DISTANCING RECOMMENDATIONS AND TEMPORARY CHANGES TO SOME BRANCH OPERATIONS Dear Members, Your Branch  has continued to seek further protections for members as we navigate through the unprecedented situation in relation to the emerging worldwide Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. These conversations between your Branch and the employer groups … Read more