EBA 11 News

An EBA11 that recognises and respects your contributions and locks in job security.               

Notice of Employee Representational Rights

Your Union and Australia Post are preparing to commence negotiations for your new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, EBA11. Australia Post is required by law to issue you with a notice advising you of your rights to appoint a bargaining representative. As a CWU member, you are not required to complete this as we are automatically recognised as your bargaining representative.

A survey to ensure the issues most important to you are prioritised

Your Union has developed a survey for members to undertake. Completing this survey will ensure we gather the information we need to develop a bargaining strategy based on claims which truly reflect the needs and desires of our members.

Please click here to complete the survey now – it’ll only take 5 minutes.


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Building strength in your workplace to deliver the best possible outcome

A strong Union will ensure the best possible EBA11 outcome — and our strength is in numbers.

That’s why we’re asking you to ask your workmates, who may not yet be Union members, to sign-up today — and we’ve launched a special promotion to assist you. For each new member that you successfully sign-up, you will receive a $20 Woolworths Wish fuel & grocery gift card and an entry in to the draw to win a $500 fuel & grocery voucher. New members you sign-up will also receive a $20 gift card and go in to the draw to win another $500 fuel & grocery voucher.

The more members you sign-up, the more $20 vouchers and entries into $500 draw you will receive.

Your Union is determined to deliver the very best possible EBA11 outcome for members and their families. We will keep members updated as negotiations begin and progress.

In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact

Leroy Lazaro 0422 546 814 Troy McGuinness 0447 148 187 Brendan Henley 0400 071 716 or Cindy Shelley 0407 334 397

Yours in unity

Leroy Lazaro

Branch Secretary CWU P&T Victorian Branch