Telstra AWA Termination


The Fair Work Commission has provisionally approved the termination of AWA’s in Telstra. By now you should have received notification from the Fair Work Commission that you have until Monday 15th March 2021 to  notify the Fair Work Commission if you want to be heard on the issue. This can include if you want to object to the termination, if you have concerns that are not being properly addressed by Telstra, if you think you may be disadvantaged by the termination.

Members have advised us that where they do not have a choice as to whether they will return to Workstream or Job Family; and they have sought information from Telstra as to where they will ‘map’ to in regard to their terms and conditions of employment. They have been advised that the information will not be available to them until mid April. How can anybody make an informed decision about the termination of their AWA under such circumstances?

You have a right to know all of the relevant BEFORE agreeing to have the AWA terminated. If you are in this situation you should advise the Fair Work Commission that you wish to be heard on the matter before COB on Monday 15th March 2021. The branch can assist you to do this.