Telstra Restructure

Telstra Restructure Key Points:

  1. Telstra is being split into four separate companies:
  2. Telstra Limited
  3. Amplitel
  4. InfraCo
  5. Telstra International
  6. 19’600 employees inc. frontline, Workstream and casual employees will move from Telstra Corp Limited to Telstra Limited.
  7. Amplitel which is 51% owned by Telstra owns the mobiles tower infrastructure; anyone who works on mobile towers infrastructure will move to Amplitel.
  8. InfraCo owns and operates all other Telstra assets such as Exchanges, data centres, ducts, pipes etc; anyone working for InfraCo will remain in Telstra Corp. which will be renamed as Telstra InfraCo Limited.
  9. Telstra International owns Telstra sub sea cables and other overseas assets. There is no change to Telstra International.
  10. Moving is just a move on paper; there is no change to your actual job, location, duties.
  11. When you move, all of your current terms and conditions of employment whether you are on the EBA, expired AWA, Common Law contract etc; move with you. NOTE: make sure any special conditions that are in your current contract are in your offer. Foe example you may have
  12. There is no change to your pay and benefits.
  13. All of your details such as length of service, bank account details, leave balances, training records, any compensation/injury claims etc all transfer with you. NOTE: Make sure that all of those details are correct on your offer document.

Key Dates You Must Comply With:

  1. 23rd November to 17th December 2021. Review your contract and make sure that all of the details in it are correct. If any changes need to be made advise these to the reply email included in your contract.
  2. 2nd to 18th February 2022 Review and Accept your new contract of employment.
  3. 16th March 2022 your employment with Telstra under your old contract comes to an end.
  4. 17th March 2022 your new contract takes effect with all of your old terms and conditions in place, you are now an employee of Telstra Limited.

Other Important Points:

  1. Amplitel employees are no longer covered by Comcare; they come under the applicable State system.
  2. All existing Comcare claims do not change; they are not affected. However for anyone with concerns about this issue they should seek confirmation from Telstra that their compensation status will not change.

Val Butler Industrial officer 0408 766 444
Leroy Lazaro State Secretary CWU Victoria