Your Authorised Holiday under attack.Again !

The ink is not even dry on the recent EBA and Australia Post are up to their old tricks again. Recent communications from AP indicate that they are attempting to make a move on your hard won and worked for Authorised Holiday at Christmas time.

In typical fashion AP talk about giving you “choice” but your choice was made clear during EBA negotiations when the vast majority of Victorian members resolutely rejected the concept of adding this important day to your annual leave and it losing it’s importance.

EBA 9 is clear on the issue.

Clause 29 Public holidays

29.1 Designated Holidays

The following days will be observed as public holidays:

(a) New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day; and

(b) the following days, as prescribed in the relevant States, Territories and localities: (i) Australia Day; (ii) Anzac Day; (iii) Queen’s Birthday; and (iv) Eight Hours’ Day or Labour Day; and

(c) in addition to the holidays prescribed in clauses 29.1(a) and 29.1(b), the following days shall be observed as holidays:

(i) New South Wales: An Authorised Holiday on the same day as determined by Australia Post to apply nationally;

(ii) Victoria: Melbourne Cup Day or local equivalent;

(iii) Queensland: Royal National Show or the day gazetted for the local show in the appropriate area;

(iv) South Australia: Adelaide Cup Day;

(v) Western Australia: Foundation Day;

(vi) Tasmania: Royal Hobart Regatta (Southern Tasmania) or Recreation Day (Northern Tasmania); (vii) Northern Territory: Picnic Day;

(viii) ACT: Canberra Day


Remember that with the current status of the Authorised Holiday, if you volunteer to work on the day you receive public holiday rates – 250%.

The EBA is clear that the day must be observed nationally.

Between Christmas and New Years’ is the ideal time. Many businesses are either closed or running with a skeleton staff and there many people on holidays with their families.

The Authorised Holiday is in the correct place already!

You all work very hard during the peak period and many are unable to avail of annual leave during December.

Your Authorised Holiday, that provides you with that little bit extra time with your own families, is off limits as far as we are concerned and you should let local management know that and remind them of what the EBA says on the matter.

Leroy Lazaro Branch Secretary