Telstra Bulletin – 7 Feb 18

In the last Bulletin we reported that several areas were limiting annual leave particularly during the Xmas period. We have had more feedback and have since written to Telstra protesting against the restrictions (See below). We have complaints from Albury and will add that area to out complaint. If you have concerns in your area, please advise us asap. We await the Telstra response.

We write on behalf of members in the Warnambool/Ararat district of Victoria. Management has been advised to implement a new holiday rostering system which adversely affects our members. The rostering system advised to members is as follows:

  • 1 person on leave from 1 Dec to 31 Mar (4 months)
  • 2 persons on leave from 1 Apr to 30 Jun (3 months)
  • 3 persons on leave from 1 Jul to 30 Nov (5 months)

Our objections are:

  • The group has 18 staff and this is excessively restrictive particularly at the peak time of Xmas
  • It is family unfriendly
  • There is no operational reason eg peak workload to justify such restrictions
  • There are adequate resources to cover the workload in those periods.

We understand that this new policy has come down from the top, and is not local policy. Thus the local manager is merely implementing the policy. We also note that other districts are also implementing a similar policy.

In these circumstances, we seek that the policy be abandoned immediately. We are available to discuss the matter.

We often receive inquiries re classifications – for example should a position be classified as CFW5 or CFW7. We have prepared a questionnaire to assist in the assessment of your position. It is not conclusive but a good indicator. We can then assess your response and determine if a case exists. Please email us if you wish to have a copy of the questionnaire.

We are working our way through the issues. We have circulated a questionnaire to determine work done and classifications. We a planning a face to face meeting next week to discuss progress and future action.