Submitted Motion for Quarterly General meeting on March 27th

Submitted Motion for Quarterly General meeting on March 27th

Publishing of CWU member’s Posts on the CWU Victorian branch Facebook page

A key part of a robust union democracy involves rank and file members being able to participate in an open, frank and transparent discussion of issues and decision making processes with both the union leadership and other rank and file members.

The Facebook page of the Victorian branch of the CWU is an online space that should be a place where members and the union leadership can hold open and transparent conversations about key issues.

In order to improve the democratic process The Victorian branch of the CWU is directed to moderate comments made on its Facebook page by CWU members and to allow suitable comments to be published on its Facebook page.

Suitable comments are defined as comments that

  1. are not of a racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory nature
  2. do not involve bullying, harassment or trolling of any person
  3. comply with the Australia Post code of ethics and equivalent Telstra corporation document(s)

If a member’s post is not published they should have the right to challenge this decision by lodging a written complaint with the Bcom who will

  1. Ask the moderator to provide written reasons for not publishing the post
  2. Forwarding the written reasons of the moderator to the complainant
  3. Give the member an opportunity to respond to the moderator’s reasons
  4. Collect all necessary information from the complainant and the moderator before making a decision
  5. Make a ruling which either
    1. Rejects the member’s complaint
    2. Upholds the member’s complaint
      1. ruling that the member’s original post be published on the Vic Branch CWU Facebook Page in its original form
      2. ruling that the member’s post be published in an amended form

Moved Terry Costello
Seconded Wayne Nunn