Staff attitude survey (Our AP Way Say)

As Members would be aware Australia Post are once again conducting their staff attitude survey “Our AP Way Say” (Formally known as Say 2 Action) .

These surveys are 100% voluntary and it’s entirely Your choice to participate or not.

Before Members make their decision to participate or not your Union believes Members should consider the following:

Since the last Staff attitude survey was conducted:

 1.     Has my facility become a safer work environment both physically and mentally.

2.     Has the morale in my facility improved?

3.     What has changed in my facility?

4.     What changes have been made to make my job more enjoyable?

5.      Was my feedback last survey taken seriously?

6.      Has the treatment of my injured work colleagues improved?

7.     Is Australia Post an employer that I would recommend to my family and or friends?

8.     Am I valued as an employee or do I just feel like a number?

9.      What’s in it for me, what will I get from participating in another management survey?

10.  Out of all the management  surveys I’ve participated in what significant changes have taken place?

Please conduct us ASAP if any undue pressure is applied to you in your workplace to participate in the survey.

Leroy Lazaro CWU Victoria