Signatures on scanners

Today, members in delivery and transport received direction during toolbox talks to wind-back contactless deliveries of signature-required articles.

Management’s unsafe directions to members involves questioning a customer on their COVID-19 infection and symptomatic status prior  to receiving a signature on delivery.

This unreasonable management directive puts members at an unnecessary and avoidable risk of contracting COVID-19 and/or potentially abusive confrontations with customers.

The Union therefore advises all members to ignore this direction and to continue delivering all articles in-line with current contactless delivery process, ONLY.

This unreasonable direction from management has occurred without any consultation with employees or your branch and  is both unsafe and inappropriate and presents a real and imminent risk to members’ health and safety.

It is unlawful for any management representative to threaten to harm your employment in any way for following this reasonable advice from your Union and take steps, to protect yourself from exposure to an imminent risk to your health and safety. You have a responsibility under the WHS act to perform all duties safely and to take care of your own health and safety

Every attempt to coerce or force members into following this unsafe directive will be vigorously pursued. Should you experience any threats or coercion when following the above advice from your branch, please contact us immediately.