Senate Inquiry and Disallowance motion

After a fast and furious time in the Senate last week an inquiry has been set up into the proposed (Temporary?) regulation changes that would allow Australia Post to delay the mail even further than they already do. The changes which are law until disallowed by the Senate would see intrastate mail (Melbourne to Melbourne) go from 3 business days to 5 days (7 days in total including weekends). The priority mail service is also been discontinued.

We call this out for what it is, a service slashing, Job cutting model that will increase bonuses by already highly paid executives.

The listed disallowance motion was not put last week due to a lack of time.

We will be making a number of submissions to the inquiry and encourage members to do the same.

Some of the mistruths in the media by Australia Post include

  •  There were no reductions in pay during the COVID-19 crisis (Wrong, members were directed to bring mail back to cut overtime)
  •  Australia Post did not have the resources available to deliver mail, parcels and express post (Wrong, see point above)
  •  Mail volumes fell by 50% in April (Wrong, mail volumes were down 28% in April and last April was during an election time with traditionally higher volumes
  • There will be no Job cuts (Wrong, approx. 150 long standing fixed term staff  in Victoria could well end up without a Job and 4 delivery staff center staff will be merged into 3 under their current Job cutting proposals)
  • The changes are temporary   (Wrong, If so why are Australia Post only hiring vans but intending to sell EAMB’s and Motorbikes?)

The way senior management have conducted themselves, used COVID-19 as cover for their industrial agenda and treated the workforce during the crisis has been nothing short of a national disgrace and we are calling on the Senate and the crossbench to hold them to account. Victorians and indeed all Australians who rely on the traditional mail service will not forget those Senators who do not hold the Government and Australia Post to account!

The inquiry is due to report back by August 11th with a disallowance motion potentially tabled within a week after the final report been handed down.

Submissions close on July 3rd

Go to to send a message to Senators and your local member and stay tuned for further bulletins.

Leroy Lazaro
State Secretary
CWU Victoria