Provisional Improvement Notice and Safety Alert

A Provisional Improvement Notice has been issued to Australia Post regarding their actions re the recent hazardous air quality conditions. The HSR who issued the PIN does not believe there was adequate consultation and that Australia Post failed to ensure any risk assessments regarding the use of the P2 were carried out in a rigid manner, if at all and therefore the P2 masks potentially create further risks.

These risks include but are not limited to
Heat Stress
Poor fit

Wearing while undertaking physical exertion
Poor visibility due to fogging of safety/prescription glasses.
Distraction caused by general discomfort
Maintaining air tight seal especially when riding at speed.
The HSR is meeting with Comcare shortly.

Safety alert.

In the meantime members are strongly advised to not work outdoors under any circumstances if very poor or hazardous air quality conditions exist until such time as adequate risk assessments have been undertaken and there has been full consultation with HSR’s in the network and the P2 masks are deemed fit for purpose with no unacceptable risk.

You need to make yourself available for indoor duties unless you have a medical condition.Contact us on 9600 9100  if you require any further information