Meeting – Awa Job Point Incentive Awa

We have received a number of inquiries from members re the decision of Telstra to terminate the incentive part of the Job Point Incentive AWA. The Union has always been concerned with AWAs as they were used extensively by Telstra to reduce union negotiating power. The AWAs effectively made most conditions subject to policy, which can be changed at any time.

What is the scheme? Telstra has over 9,000 AWAs at the moment. The AWAs are substantially identical except for job descriptions, pay and some other individual factors. Telstra says that there are 138 Job Points Incentive AWAs still in force. Telstra wants to get rid of these AWAs for reasons that look suspicious. There appears to be a bigger plan. Given the new proposals, it is obvious that Telstra’s motive is to reduce wages.

The plan is to remove the “Incentive” from the Job Points Incentive AWA so that your pay will revert to your Fixed Remuneration. Telstra admits in its propaganda: “Currently individuals are on a low Fixed Remuneration“.

As the current Fixed Remuneration is about $45,000 and the incentives are in the order of $60,000 to $70,000, Telstra is a little too cute saying you have a choice. Telstra is certainly exerting pressure on you to “choose” the new (but lower paid) alternative contract of employment. Telstra is also offering lump sums presumably as a once only incentive to comply with their scheme. The Telstra action raises a number of issues.

  1. Can Telstra remove the Incentive from the Job Points Incentive AWA?
  2. Has Telstra breached its undertaking to the then OEA regarding your remuneration?
  3. Is it legal to coerce members to change employment contracts?
  4. Current Fixed remuneration varies from member to member – Why?
  5. The lump sums offered vary from member to member (by nearly $20,000 we understand already) – Why?
  6. The Fixed remuneration in the Job Family offer varies from member to member. Why?
  7. The Workstream offer is CFW4 or CFW5 – most members would be working at CFW5 level. Why demote?
  8. The Fixed Remuneration in the Workstream offer varies even though it is at the one CFW level. Why?
  9. The suggestion that you are not entitled to RDOs is you change – Why?

We are collecting the personal letters to you so that we can analyse the current and proposed arrangements. Please assist by sending us a copy of your individual letter. We will keep your details confidential but use the figures to generate a summary and understand the scheme better.

We are now seeking members input to determine the extent of the pay reductions being implemented by Telstra. We will have a meeting of members at our office to discuss the proposal, the effects on members and our preliminary plans to resolve the disputes.

Meeting to Discuss Telstra AWA Proposal            (Inquiries – Phone Office on 03 9387 0189)

                                    Wednesday         6 December 2017             at 5pm
                                     CWU Office          75 Melville Rd, Brunswick West

Members may phone in but for security reasons you will need to phone the office for details.