Managements, Microsoft Teams

Reports are in from St Kilda delivery centre where the CEO, Paul Graham, James Dixon (Manager deliveries Southern region) Vance Duke (Head of last mile southern region) Theresa Smith (Territory manager central) along with an entourage of approx. 5 others were in attendance to spruik the benefits of employees downloading an Australia Post version of Microsoft teams to employees personnel mobile devices.

While the sausage sizzle went down ok, the associated boxes of Microsoft branded caps, water bottles, stickers etc raised a few eyebrows.

This seems to be a part of Australia Post’s managements re-education program, AKA “Our AP Way”

Members need to exercise extreme caution nowadays when engaging with social media of any type as we have seen members dismissed for activity on social media that Australia Post have frowned upon, but for members to download an app where all content can be reviewed and recorded and possibly used for disciplinary actions would be, in our view, foolhardy indeed.

Delivery and transport members in particular are currently subjected to heavy surveillance by technology such as scanners and telematics. We cannot see any real purpose for members to download such an app to their personal devices and even if there were some small  benefits, the dangers of downloading management-initiated software to your personal devices are just too great!