Letter to AP on forced eAMB Rollout

15th June 2018

Vance Duke
Australia Post
State     Manager-Vic/Tas 

E Commerce Delivery

Dandenong Letters Centre
120 Nathan Road

Attention: Tracey Smith

Dear Mr Duke

Re: Implementation of e AMB Conversions

The union is fielding many complaints about the accelerated and widespread introduction of e AMBs. We believe that the implementation approach is causing unnecessary barriers.

We have been dismayed about the local notification of the ‘new approach’. To successfully implement this change we need rounds to be properly assessed and each postie to be assessed as to whether this mode of delivery is appropriate for them. We also need the pasties to be ergonomically fitted to their bikes.  To have Managers coming out  at Toolbox  meetings saying that all rounds are to be converted post-haste (e.g. Manager at Nunawading DC this week declared all rounds will be converted) is not helpful and is a breach of our consultation  rights  in the Enterprise Agreement.

There are already some rounds that have been converted that are inappropriate either because of size or terrain e.g. Round 41 at Ferntree Gully Delivery Centre. These problems need to be fixed to restore confidence in the process.

It is of no value to convert rounds ‘willy nilly’ and to end up with other safety problems e.g. serious muscular skeletal problems from riding bikes not suited to the pasties stature, of injuries caused by repetitive peak force incidents because there are no made footpaths and rolled gutters.

The union is seeking to set up a consultative group to review problems identified during the implementation of the roll-out of eAMBs.

We are also seeking a commitment to issue red step-through bikes to pasties who are currently on uncomfortable yellow eAMBs and retrofitted AMBs and want to elect to upgrade. We have come across quite a number of pasties who are having difficulty getting on and offthe older bikes and this is a serious WHS concern.

We are also seeking an understanding of what management believe are rounds that can only be delivered on a motor-bike. This could reduce the amount of disputation out in Delivery Centres.

We are also seeking a commitment that management will show some respect to the older pasties who do not believe they are physically capable of pedalling on an eAMB and who want to remain on their motor-bikes until they retire in a few years’ time.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours faithfully
Joan Doyle
Delivery Organiser