Indoor times, Back to the Future!

The same old Management are back in town with the reintroduction of  “Indoor times’. Some Managers are saying that your branch somehow agreed to this form of micro management. Let us be clear, your branch will NEVER support the timing of staff for any function in Australia Post. Quite simply the job takes as long it takes to perform safely while at the same time ensuring a high level of customer service.

Members should have regular counts of their parcels and mail conducted before engaging in any “chats” with management on this issue and ALWAYS ensure you have your Shop Steward or other witness/support person present.

Do not have meetings on your own and let us know immediately if your requests are refused.

Cynically Australia Post are using manipulated data from the “Say to Action” survey to infer that over 40% of staff wanted to see the reintroduction of indoor times , a completely ridiculous proposition!

The reintroduction of indoor times follows the renewed attack on your Authorised Day by senior management  and if the CEO thinks that such measures will help her to rebuild trust with the workforce then she is seriously misguided!