AWA Jp Dispute

In the last bulletin we reported the proposal by Telstra to remove the Incentive from the JP AWA. We have had a number of inquiries from members and held a meeting to discuss the proposal. We have developed a claim from members involved. We also note some new members and ongoing new inquiries. We have written to Telstra (letter below) seeking a meeting as soon as possible. The issues we seek to resolve are set out in the letter. Members involved should contact us to join the special email list. We will advise as we progress this matter.

The Victorian P&T Branch letter to Telstra:

“We refer to your letter of 8 December 2017 re the ceasing of the Job Points Incentive Plans from the Job Points AWA. We act for a number of members who have AWA Job Points contracts and who have a number of concerns with the proposal.

We seek a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss these concerns. We will advise of the persons who we represent when we attend the meeting. We are currently seeking written authorisation from each member involved.

The matters we wish to discuss include:

  • The coercive nature of the proposal.
  • The need to leave the Job Points Incentive in the Job Points AWA.
  • The classification offered to members who accept the offer to exit the JP AWA. Our assessment is that members are performing at CFW5 level, not CFW4 level.
  • The sufficiency of the “transition” payment. We note from your offers to members that the “transition” payment varies between $3,000 and $27,000. This is grossly insufficient given the very significant pay cuts that are imposed on staff whether they remain on the JP AWA or not. Our view is that any “transition” payment should be three times the average incentive earnings, not 15% of the average incentive earnings.
  • Special arrangements for members who have Comcare benefits, resulting in an extremely poor “transition” payment
  • A review of the classification of members who have exited the Job Points AWA.
  • Clarification of the RDO position

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Dwyer or Val Butler in our Victorian office on 03 9387 0189. We look forward to your response”