Authorised Holiday Arrangements

Authorised Holiday declared for December 31st

Authorised  Holiday

 Authorised Day to be declared on Monday 31 December 2018

All employees entitled to the Authorised day to be provided with an Expression of Interest (EOI) , and asked to nominate their preferred option as below.

Option 1: work the Authorised Day (with payment being in accordance with applicable “public holiday” penalty rates); or

Option 2: take the Authorised Day off on 31 December  2018 (with payment being in accordance with applicable ordinary rates); or

Option 3: bank an “Authorised Day credit”, to be taken at an alternative, locally agreed date (with payment, when taken, being in accordance with applicable ordinary rates).

AP have agreed that if option 3 is chosen that there will be no expiry date on the “Authorised Day credit”

Operational requirements:

Mail and Parcel Processing facilities: reduced normal public holiday roster (80- 100%) on the Authorised Day, with no deliveries on New Year’s Day. Processing facilities to operate according to normal public holiday arrangements, with respect to which will be negotiated with your branch as part of usual Christmas Arrangements. Parcel Processing Facilities will work a public holiday roster on Saturday 28 December 2018 to cater for Boxing Day volumes, which will be reviewed closer to the date – if volumes  do not  warrant this, a Sunday  roster will be implemented.

Transport: normal public holiday arrangements will apply on the Authorised Day.

Delivery: reduced public holiday roster (approximately 50-80%) – if the network does not have sufficient volunteers through the EOI to work the Authorised Day, the network may then consider asking  posties to work Saturday 29 December 2018.

Mail Centres will work a normal Saturday roster, which will be consulted with your branch in line with usual Christmas Arrangements.

Retail: relevant key carding locations to be open on the Authorised Day, and staffed by volunteers where possible. For Retail, the EOI will be provided to employees at relevant key carding locations as well as nearby facilities, to enable employees at closed outlets to express interest and volunteer to work the Authorised Day at an open outlet.

A list of relevant key carding locations  is currently being developed and will be provided to your branch  prior to the EOI opening.

Customer Call Centres: approximately 85% of normal staffing levels for the Authorised Day.

In all cases above, where there are insufficient volunteers available to meet the operational requirements for the Authorised Day, Australia Post will have further discussions with your branch.

The union recommends that you have a day off on the Authorised Holiday. We fought hard to win it many years ago. 

It is especially important now that management in Victoria are attempting to stop employees  being granted leave in late December and  early January.

However it is a matter of choice and some members may wish to avail of the opportunity to earn extra income if avaliable.