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Your Branch has received numerous phone calls regarding Australia Post’s move to declare the Authorised Day at a time other than the Festive season.

An nomination form is circulating that has two options

1) An additional flexible day of annual leave that you can use whenever and however you want.

2) Authorised Day on a date nominated by Australia Post.

Option 1 does not mention that there has to beĀ 5% or less of staff rostered off on the day you would choose, so it’s at best misleading.

In regards to option 2 we have asked Australia Post on a number of occasions to put the day they are intending to nominate on the form so employees are able to make an informed choice, but to date they are refusing.

Australia Post are obliged under the current EBA to nominate a day for this year at some stage.

We have heard reports of mangers stating that Australia Post could declare the Authorised Day of 2019 in March next year.

This is false and misleading.

Please contact us directly if you feel you are been misled by management as this would potentially be a breach of the EBA.