Authorised Day Dispute

Our dispute regarding Australia Post notifying the Authorised day for 2019 in 2020 was in the Fair Work Commission this week. Australia Post argued that the Commission did not have jurisdiction to hear the dispute because the Authorised day is enacted by the Principle determination that is part of the Australian Postal Corporation Act and is not part of the EBA.

In-spite of the Commission agreeing that our arguments were logical and that the day should be in 2019  Commissioner Sarah McKinnon stated that she did  not have jurisdiction to make a recommendation  and that the Authorised day is not actually legally defined in the EBA. The clause surrounding the Authorised day is yet another one of a number of clauses that need to be fixed up in EBA 2020 and unlinked from the Principle determination.The Authorised  day goes back to the 1950’s .On the completed EBA 2020 surveys returned so far over 70% of members have stated that the Authorised day is a very important issue for them.