Motions for the QGM Saturday 18th June 2022

That from July 2022 the Victorian branch of the CWU will hold a Monthly Members forum on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the union office commencing at 5PM. Members will also have the option to attend via teleconference. Monthly members forum meetings will be open to every member to attend.

The purpose of the Monthly Members Forum shall be to

1. Provide members with an opportunity to be regularly updated with information about current Industrial events and

2. Increase the democratic participation of the membership in the union’s decision making processes.

Each Monthly Members Forum will appoint a minutes secretary who will keep minutes of the meeting which will be forwarded to the secretary before the monthly meeting of the Branch Committee of Management for discussion and consideration. The Branch Committee of Management is not bound by any decisions made by Monthly Members Forum meetings. Monthly Members Forum meetings will be chaired by the President of the Victorian Branch in accordance with the standing orders of debate stated in rule 89. The agenda of Monthly Members Forum meetings shall include

a/ Apologies

b/ Adoption of the minutes from the previous meetings

c/ Reports and adoption of the reports

d/ Members business

Members will be able to raise business items in the Members Business section of the Members Forum. Business items can be raised without notice either verbally or in writing in the form of a motion or a statement. If an issue is raised verbally then the minutes secretary will include the issue raised and whether or not the motion was carried or not in the minutes of the monthly forum. The decisions of Monthly Members Forum meetings are not binding on the Branch Committee of Management or any of the union’s officials. Monthly Members Forum meetings are not General Meetings as defined by the union rules in general and rule 83 in particular.

Moved Terry Costello

If the CEPU Vic branch hears of, or has any knowledge of, industrial changes to our working conditions, such as what happened with the ADM and the MOU.

We would like the CEPU Vic branch to commit being transparent and report directly to its Members for consultation, to be able to prepare for a defence against any unnecessary change, and to have some control or say of our workplace destiny, before any terms are agreed to.

Put by Anthony Veal
Seconded by Jason Argent