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How we can help you

Employers are always trying to cut costs, by reducing staff numbers, ignoring health and safety, reducing entitlements such as penalty rates, workers compensation, sick leave and redundancy rights.

Strong union membership provides the union with the collective strength and resources to ensure your employer abides by workplace agreements, awards and employee entitlements. Help with workplace issues so you and your workmates have a say provide training and support to Shop Stewards in the workplace to resolve local issues and to represent the workers at employer and union discussions.

Provide support, representation and protection to individual members experiencing unfair treatment or issues, such as:

  • work injuries & compensation claims
  • sick, bereavement, long service & annual leave
  • roster changes
  • dismissal: if you have been unfairly sacked we will provide representation at the Board of Reference, Fair Work Australia, other tribunals and courts
  • workplace transfers
  • unpaid overtime
  • applications to assess additional hours worked
  • unfair work performance issues
  • under payments for work performed
  • penalty payment issues
  • reduced hours of employment
  • bullying, harassment and intimidation in the workplace
  • disciplinary processes, code of ethics interviews
  • help subcontractors get unpaid wages and entitlements
  • organise campaigns for widespread issues
  • provide training and support to your health and safety representative
  • negotiate work agreements, entitlements and awards
  • provide interpretation, advice and assistance regarding your entitlements. awards and work agreements and ensure your employer abides by them
  • Union membership matters, get a better deal through the collective strength of the Union.
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