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• No to unfair price rises
• No to reduced service
• The CEO must go!
Ahmed Fahour (Aussie Post’s CEO on a salary of $4.6million a year) wants to:

• More than double the stamp price for next day delivery

• Take away the umpire’s powers, so the ACCC won’t be able to stop him
  putting the price of stamps up, and up, and up

• Slow down the ordinary mail, so you’ll get your bills, notices and other
  important paperwork 2-3 days late…. and pay 40% extra for the privilege.

Ahmed Fahour is running Aussie Post into the ground with funny-money management.

He says Aussie Post is going broke, but it’s a con.

• Aussie Post revenue is up $1.5 billion per year since 2010.

• In 2014 profit was over half a billion dollars.

• Traditional handwritten ‘addressed mail’ is in decline, but you’re getting
  more in your letterbox than ever before with unaddressed mail and small

• Ahmed is writing down the costs to the mail business, and the profits to the
  parcels business to justify his plans.

Aussie Post, once the best postal service in the world, is now being very poorly run and inefficiently by this former banker. He needs to be replaced by a public servant dedicated to giving you the postalservices you deserve.

Hands Off Aussie Post
PO Box 14, Brunswick East 3055

*Source: Australia Post Annual report 2014, profit before re-investment & one-off items


On Tuesday 3 March, the Federal Government announced a regulatory change allowing two extra days to deliver reserved mail. The change does not require legislation, but can be disallowed in the Senate if Labor, the Greens and some of the cross bench oppose it.

Australia Post had been seeking this change for some time and we have with other stakeholders opposed the change. The change allows Australia Post to introduce a two speed mail service. “Fast speed” (currently the 70 cent stamp letter with guaranteed next day delivery in cities etc) will remain but will now cost (according to media reports) up to $1.50. “Slow speed” mail can take at least 2 more days to deliver. Post has indicated that they are seeking a $1.00 stamp for this service. The ACCC has to approve some stamp prices and media reports indicate that the ACCC will take some time once the application is made.

What could it mean for jobs and your pay packet?

The purpose behind the Australia Post proposal is to move as much mail as it can to the slow speed. This allows Australia Post at least three days to process metro mail and more time in country areas to deliver mail. Mail can now be processed the next day. This will affect Delivery night sorting and mail processing positions. Australia Post has already begun seeking volunteers from night shift to move to the day shift.  This means a reduction from 30% penalty shift to 15% or zero penalty shift allowances.

Mail processing in country areas can almost be eliminated as mail will be trucked to the capital city for processing. Our members in Townsville report that they have been told that all mail from Mackay to Cairns and inland can be trucked to Townsville. We would expect a similar approach south of Mackay. Northgate could process that mail and mail from northern NSW.

Other members report a proposal to reduce the number of delivery centres in Brisbane from 18 to 8 and change line-haul routes.

There are up to 1000 night sorting and mail processing positions in NSW that are under threat in metropolitan, rural and regional centres.

What are we doing?

We are seeking an urgent meeting with Australia Post National Mails and Delivery Management to work through the impacts that this decision will have on member’s job security and take home pay.

We will of course continue to work with other stakeholders to lobby Labor, Greens and Cross-Benches to disallow the changes, or to impose conditions to protect jobs and services. We would support a modest stamp price increase. The likely loss of jobs in country areas will worry some Government members.

Calls for Australia Post chief to step aside

Printing Industries Association of Australia chief executive Bill Healey, who is part of the industry union, doubts Mr Fahour’s ability as Australia Post’s top dog.
“I think you have to question whether a banker who has been second in charge at major bank, is the best person for the job at a customer and logistics service,” Mr Healey told The New Daily.
“It’s not up to us as a group to question when the government appoints these positions – but it may be time for someone with a different approach and a different background to try and take charge.”
Meanwhile, Australian senators this week criticised Mr Fahour’s company’s handling of stakeholder consultation as it undergoes major restructuring in the Senate estimates.

‘More communication first': union

A coalition of printers, mail houses, licensed post offices and unions, called the Coalition of Mail Service Stakeholders (CoMs), has accused Mr Fahour of making an attempt to build support for major cuts by releasing the half-year financial results one day before a scheduled appearance at Senate estimates.
Mr Healey says its members recognise the challenges facing the postal industry and are calling on the government to immediately implement the recommendation of last year’s Senate inquiry.
“There needs to be an industry round table established involving all stakeholders, before any changes to the postal service are considered,” Mr Healey says.
“All we’ve heard for five years is a person (Mr Fahour)  talking about the terminal decline of mail – it’s like the head of Maccas (McDonalds) saying beef burgers are bad for you.
Mr Healey says he wonders if there where other ways to plug the financial hole.
“You’ve got to ask yourself when someone is on about $4.5 million per year, should they continue to be rewarded when the organisation is running supposedly in a ‘crisis’,” Mr Healey says.
“You can point your finger at external factors as much as you like, but when you’re getting paid that much money, you have to take the community with you.
“Particularly when you’re a government agency.”
The Post Office Agents Association Limited, representing licensed post offices, says it supports the concept of mail reform.

Petitioning Australia Post Board
Australia Post is our postal service

We do not agree to pay 40% plus for a letter to be delivered up to 2-3 days later than the current service standard. 
We do not agree to pay over a 100% more for the service that we currently receive that is also not subject to any price controls in regards to further increases.
We want the current Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour to be replaced by a person who understands the vital importance of the traditional mail service that provides the glue that creates the infrastructure that binds communities across Australia.

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