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1. Telstra to undertake major FTTN trial
2. Telstra automated despatch trial
3. Telstra flags redundancies in Billing and Credit Management
4. Visionstream EA discussions continue
5. CWU meets with NBN Co on new agreement
6. Involuntary redundancy: always contact your branch
7. Award modernisation update
8. CWU President calls for community action against Abbott Budget
9. Unions to continue fight for weekend penalty rates

Friday, 27 June 2014

Extension of weekend trading won't suit all retail workers

The unilateral announcement by Ahmed Fahour that weekend trading would be extended to six days a week in Post Offices all-year-round has many retail workers up in arms. While most are willing to help out during the Christmas period the extension of weekend trading all-year-round is for many an unwelcome intrusion into family life. “If we are forced to work Saturdays then this will have a profound negative effect on our lives.”

 Your union has strongly put the view that Australia Post must call for volunteers to work. People should not be compelled to work Saturdays. Members currently working in Post Offices that are open on Saturdays are complaining that they are getting ripped off. It seems that no one is being paid HD or supervisory money even through there are 2-3 people working. Saturday work is also being done by part time employees who are not given additional hours but have a day off during the week. These issues must be addressed before any roll out of across the board opening of Post Offices on Saturdays.

Responding to questions put by the union, Australia Post senior managers said they are not sure if all Post Offices will be open Saturdays and if they will be required to open for a half or full day. Adding that they were caught out by Mr. Fahour’s public announcement, they said they needed some time to put details around the change in Post Office hours.

At a time when Australia Post is unilaterally forcing change and cutting jobs being a union member is even more important. Help yourself by signing up new members or, if you are not a union member, by joining the union yourself. Being a CWU member gives you and your work colleagues the added security of industrial protection 24 hours a day. You can contact us at CWUnion for help.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

Demotion provision unfair says CWU

An Australia Post worker disciplined under the counselling and discipline policy had his base salary dropped almost $13000 (not including loss of penalties and allowance - another $8000) when Australia Post demoted him to the minimum salary of the classification one below his former position for bugger all.
The CWU referred the matter to the Board of Reference for review. The union argued from a financial aspect that the penalty was too harsh. The Board of Reference agreed and determined that the worker should be reinstated to his former position on full increments.
In other comments the Board also said that Australia Post should not act as gatekeeper and stop appeals from getting to the Board. The right to appeal decisions is an important part of natural justice principles that AP management ignores for their own convenience.
Your union is concerned about Australia Post acting unilaterally as gate keeper and the impact on members of the demotion provision in the discipline policy. Hence we are meeting with Australia Post to demand the gate keeper role is stopped and changes to the policy so that it is fairer and consistent with the normal way increment deductions are treated.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

CWU lobbies federal politicians on importance of Community Service Obligations

National Assistant Secretary, Martin O’Nea spent time this week in Canberra talking to politicians about moves by the CEO to have the Community Service Obligations reduced by the Communications Minister.

As members are aware, the traditional mail service is alive and well with billions of items still in the system. Martin spent the week reminding politicians from all sides of this fact. Martin met with Malcolm Turnbull’s office and Shadow Minister Jason Clare, the Greens and a number of Senators from the Communications Committee also received a briefing.

Bob Katter is also a strong supporter of our efforts to maintain the current Community Service Obligations and was very critical of the CEO’s attempts to talk down the traditional mail service at every opportunity. The Community Service Obligations can be varied by the Minister, but these variations can be subject to a disallowance motion by the Senate. 

We are focussed on pointing out to all politicians the billions of dollars in economic activity that is generated by the traditional mail service.

A postie’s role may well be different in 20 years’ time, but today the postie is as relevant as he was 20 years ago.  4.5 billion letters last year attest to that fact.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

Last mile parcel delivery by PDO observations

Post will be attempting to improve its first attempt delivery of small parcels by PDOs in the “last mile” operation by having discussions with posties in 4 Delivery Centres in Melbourne.

What is “last mile” delivery? It’s the part where the posties (or driver and contractor) are attempting to deliver the article/parcel.
As Post is attempting to maintain its small parcel delivery performance there has been criticism by customers that they have to go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel rather than have it delivered to their home.
The union raised this point at the recent National Delivery forum where we were informed that posties do deliver the majority of parcels on first attempt but there are some gaps. This may be due to dogs, high rise units and other factors.
The union has worked hard to ensure small parcels are being delivered by posties to maintain full time job security.
If you have comments about why parcels cannot be delivered on first attempt please let us know.
Post will have discussions with the State Branch and local AURs from 16 June with observations proposed to take place between 23 June – 30 June.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

Why have senior executives walked out at Post?

Last week star recruit Tracey Fellows, Executive General Manager of Communication Management Services (CMS) head hunted by Ahmed Fahour to push the digital mail box resigned. This week Richard Umbers who joined Australia Post in 2012 as General Manager of eCommerce and Parcel Services resigned.

Other senior executives who have walked out since Mr Fahour’s appointment three years ago include the following:

o    Nic Nuske, General Manager, Sales and Marketing
o    Dorothy Hisgrove, Senior Management role
o    Alison Harrop, Chief Financial Officer
o    Catriona Larritt, General Manager, Decipha Digital MailBox
o    Jane McMillan, General Manager of External Affairs
o    Amanada Noble, Senior Manager
o    Stephen Cleary, CEO Star Track Express
o    Amanda Green, Head of Culture & Engagement
o    Alan Wildbore, Head of Safety
o    Sarah Fair, Head of Diversity & Inclusion
o    Jamie Iredale, Chief Procurement Officer
o    Maha Krishnapillai, General Manager, External Affairs

These departures beg the question: Who is next to go? Why do managers not want to work in, or work for Post anymore? According to media reports there is deep dissatisfaction among staff in regard to Mr Fahour’s erratic, autocratic and aggressive management style.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

Post Job Cuts - Update

No consultation. Leaked to the media. Two meetings with Australia Post have not resulted in any significant news. Post shows no respect for workers.

What we do know is this:

Every job is important to us whether long standing, an industry wise manager or a worker who knows how to get things done quickly.

We will fight to ensure that if a member wants to stay in Post, then our member will be fully supported by us.

Post did consult some state individuals – but no one from the union head office – one of the individuals is blamed from the leak.

The Job cuts are a “head count” move – they decided how much they wanted to save and converted it into jobs cuts – about 900 jobs.

From the jobs in scope, between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 jobs will be made redundant.

Post say they have no idea yet where the cuts will be – they are now looking for savings in all business units – initial feedback is expected by 20 June

Post will not give us an assurance that no jobs will be outsourced

The jobs “in scope” include clerical, admin, management, IT, HR, Retail, CMS, finance, back office, Decipha and StarTrack. This covers contract and EBA staff.

The jobs not “in scope” are “customer facing” jobs such as retail, delivery, operations, transport

Volunteers and job swaps will be available – Most jobs will be in Melbourne HQ but some in Sydney. There may be others.

CWU can expect initial redundancy notices (Form A) from mid July.

Watch our web page at for further updates.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

Cutting mail services will hurt workers

On 2 June Australia Post introduced a two-speed letter service for business letters which means that letters will now take longer to deliver but at a cheaper price than the 5-day-week service ,unless the business is willing to pay a premium.

This system is expected to be extended to all Australians if the CSOs are relaxed.

APost at a glance. This is not a business that is going away anytime soon.

32,732 employees (including about 14,000 delivery staff)
4429 post offices
 *  1868 metropolitan
 *   2561 regional
15,927 street postboxes
10,540 trucks, vans and motorbikes

95% of letters from business and government

Letters and parcels

2009 5.3 billion
2013 4.6 billion
10%▼ in addressed letters 2011-2013
17%▲ in domestic parcels 2011-2013
Total revenue

2009 $5 billion
2013 $5.9 billion
After-tax profit

2009 $261 million
2013 $312 million

This will have a huge impact on workers in mail sorting and delivery centres. It will overload workers on the days when mail is delivered, back log sorting centres and isolate regional/rural and remote communities reliant on the mail for communication. It will impact on jobs.

There is no justification for reducing mail delivery at this time. Australia Post is still profitable. Revenue has increased over the past five years by $1 billion. The organisation returned a dividend to government of $244 million - and paid taxes of $447million. The losses made in regulated mail were easily picked up by profits on the non-regulated side, mostly parcels ($648 million).

Letters is still a significant part of the business. The challenge is to maintain this part of the business while also supporting future parcel growth. There is time to transition from letters to parcels in an orderly way without the changes that will cut jobs and services. Mail is not dead. This is not a business that is going away anytime soon.

Post Date: 20th June 2014 | National Secretary

MEDICARE: people are standing up

Joan --
You and I have been fighting to stop Tony Abbott's destruction of universal healthcare -- and Australians are listening.

Over 63,000 people have joined you in signing our petition to Save Medicare and we've seen huge rallies in Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong, Sydney and elsewhere in support of Medicare. As well, over 10,000 calls have been made to voters to talk to them about the awful effects this $7 GP Tax will have.

Thank you for your support so far. It shows how strongly people feel about this and it connects more than 60,000 people across the country who are standing up against the GP Tax.

But we still have to do more. We've still got to show Tony Abbott and the crossbenchers in the Senate that Australians won't stand for this. Can you share our petition and help grow our petition to 100,000 signatures? 

When we make 100,000 I will take your petition into the Parliament and show Tony Abbott just how many people have said no to the GP Tax. We’ve heard thousands of stories from people who depend on Medicare; people who have to visit the doctor a few times a month, people with chronic medical conditions, families with young children who all get sick at the same time, pensioners who face choosing between a trip to the doctor and a trip to the supermarket.

We’ve had a great start to this campaign thanks to you and together we can make sure our voice is heard, so please share and make sure this is the biggest online petition we’ve ever had.

Thank you,
Catherine King
Shadow Minister for Health

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Friday, 30 May 2014

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Friday, 13 June 2014