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Australia Post EBA9 United we Bargain, Divided we Beg

EBA9 - Update 8 May 2017

1. REVISED OFFER -  Australia Post have made small adjustments to their offer
2. SURVEY -  Union member survey about EBA offer
3. EBA OUT TO A VOTE -  We assume Aust Post will ask employees to vote on the EBA proposal.

If there are no changes to the current position from Australia Post, the Victorian Branch of the union STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT YOU VOTE NO.
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EBA9 - Update 21 March 2017

1. AHMED ROADSHOW - offered a "One Team Reward"
2. THE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MAN - real reason for CEO departure
4. FOCUS GROUPS - employee testing of EBA9
5. NEXT STEPS - reject current offer prepare for protected action ballot

EBA9 - Members have 3 Issues to Consider:

1. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BARGAINING POLICY - The Turnbull bargaining policy for the Public Service and Government Business Enterprises including Australia Post , is designed to limit or reduce entitlements that already exist in EBA8 and places a cap on pay rises that can be negotiated.
2, AUSTRALIA POST CLAIMS - Australia Post have put 8 claims on the table and while 1 or 2 of these claims just amount to little more than tidying up the wording in the agreement the majority seem to be seeking an open cheque book for a range of issues.
3. WINNING OUR CLAIMS - Your branch has submitted a number of claims on behalf of Victorian members that were identified from our member survey.  Read More>
MEMBERS MEETING - Saturday, March 4th, 12 Noon
Union Office, 75 Melville Road, Brunswick West.

EBA 9 Negotiations 

Conclude for 2016

Members should note that the current EBA terms & conditions will continue to apply until a new agreement is reached.
Negotiations so far... Read More>
CWU Log of Claims... Read More>

Negotiations commence next week

Following a summit held recently between Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour and your CWU/CEPU leadership team, negotiations for a new EBA9 to replace the current EBA8 is scheduled to commence from Tuesday next week. 
The Bargaining Process 
Your Union maintains that the best possible outcome for members is to secure a back-to-back Agreement without any gaps between the nominal expiry of EBA8 (December 31 2016) and the commencement of any EBA9 to replace it... Read More>

EBA9 Victorian Member Survey 1st

Members will be aware that the current Fair Work Agreement EBA8 expires on 31stt of December 2016. Negotiations for the new EBA should be starting anytime from the middle of August to the middle of September. Your branch is conducting a survey of the Victorian Membership so that we are well placed to put your issues on the table.

Its your EBA and it's essential that all Members take part in what is probably the most important EBA you will see in your time with Australia Post.
The survey is available for download >
and online at

You can also access through the facebook page

We have also posted out the survey and distributed via workplace visits and your local delegates. Let us know if you have any ideas or want to play a role in the campaign.

It’s getting hot in here

Boy oh boy, it’s certainly been a hot 19 hour media cycle for
Australia Post’s media advisers.
Starting with a Friday afternoon special on privatisation speculation.... 
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EBA9 Victorian Member Survey 2nd
Your Union needs to hear from you - EBA9 membership survey

The Victorian Branch has already commenced its EBA9 campaign and posted out the 1st EBA9 survey (below) to all members. Thanks to the hundreds of members who have returned their surveys. For those members who have not completed the first survey  here is another opportunity to complete the 2nd survey
and return it to the CWU P&T.
The second survey will be sent to you in the mail shortly, and is also available for download >

Authorised Holiday under attack Again!

7 September, 2016 Just over three years ago to the day, during EBA8 negotiations, Australia Post laid out its proposal to remove the Authorised Holiday (Union Picnic Day) and allocate employees with an additional Recreation Leave day instead. The proposal didn’t go very far. Members reacted immediately and in large numbers.... Read More>

Union EBA9 Campaign Kicks Off

EBA9 campaign survey packs are in the mail. Over the next week members will receive a campaign survey pack in the mail containing an EBA9 Union member survey with a reply paid envelope to return it to your Victorian Branch. As your Union commences its campaign to deliver.... Read More>

An EBA9 that delivers for postal workers and their families.

As Australia Post embarks on yet more changes, it's more important than ever to ensure that our members are not forgotten and left behind in the process.

That’s why your Union will fight for an EBA9 that delivers the job security, the safety and the pay that postal workers and their families expect, deserve and rely upon.

Contact the Victorian Branch on 03 9387 0189 for union membership application forms and Reply Paid envelopes. Or use the
Contact Us > link to order or share your thoughts with us.

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