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1. Telstra copper, HFC to go to NBN Co.
2. CWU queries Telstra on new NBN plans
3. Telstra posts 14.6% profit rise
4. Optus announces more redundancies
5. Optus countinues to tread water with 1st quarter result
6. Optus award modernisation case heard
7. ISGM subbies meet over Telstra automated dispatch system
8. CWU member nominated for Comcare award

Friday, 22 August 2014

1. Loss of pay 'not on' says CWU
2. Company that places casual workers in Post has gone into receivership
3. Monitoring workers' health and safety at MPF and SPF
4. New tender on mobile material handling equipment
5. Licensed Post Office dasual loading now 25% for all
6. Union conducted HSR training
7. Team briefs used as evidence in disciplining workers
8. Charges laid in relation to ACT worplace fatality
9. Government must address 457 visa fraud allegations

Friday, 15 August 2014

1. CWU meets with Telstra on Global Enterprises offshoring
2. Reminder: offshoring petition
3. Automated dispatch: what ISGM subbies think
4. Performance pay: unions meet with Telstra on pay matrix
5. Telstra field improvement programme
6. Optus award modernisation update
7. Metadata: government seeks to expand surveillance powers
8. NBN Co prepares for HFC product offer
9. Burnout linked to performance management
10. BHP worker wins record compensation for asbestos exposure

Friday, 8 August 2014

Australia Post

14 August 2014 - 0.5%
4 December 2014 - 2.5%

Your Pay Arrangements
Australia Post has extended the consultation period for a further week.  The issue is listed in FWC Fair Work Commission for this Friday 15 August 2014 at 2pm. more...

Latest News: Australia Post are not going to proceed with the
PAY PROPOSAL at this time.
15 August 2014

The Australia Institute - Review of the Boston Consulting Group's report to the Minister for Communications
Briefing for the CWU on Australia Post's Operations

No Crisis at Aussie Post says The Australia Institute Report
The union representing Australia Post employees has released The Australia Institute report that shows Aussie Post is very profitable and that mail volumes are not falling anywhere near what is claimed in a recent analysis by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 
“The Australia Institute report shows that Aussie Post is still very profitable and that there is no evidence that the cost of delivering the mail to Australian homes and businesses will exceed the large profit it makes from its parcel and retail business,” said Martin O’Nea, National Assistant Secretary of the Communication Workers Union. 
“Last year Australia Post made a profit of around $600 million from its parcel and retail business while they claimed it cost a little over $200 million to delivery ordinary mail,’ he said. 
"Is Australia Post really saying that in one year the cost of delivering ordinary mail has blown out by $400 million or that the profits from its retail and parcel business have collapsed by $400 million,’ said Mr. O’Nea.

The Australia Institute report shows that:

  • Australia Post made a profit before tax of $402.8 million in 2012-13, has recorded profits of more than $1.5 billion in the last five years and paid dividends to the Commonwealth of almost $1 billion.
  • The BCG report’s narrow focus on the costs and revenues allocated to the letter delivery services of Australia Post paints an unduly negative picture as it largely ignores the rapid growth in the highly profitable small parcel business which relies on many of the network services provided by the letter delivery network.

  • BCG’s forecast annual decline in letter volumes of 8-11% is much too pessimistic given that the decline in mail volumes in Australia has been an average of just 5 percent each year over the last four years, and an estimated 4 percent for this year.

  • BCG’s comparison of Australian postal services with examples from other countries is based on selectively using the worst results from western European countries and has the effect of exaggerating the projected rate of decline in mail volumes in Australia.

  • The cost of delivering mail has been overstated by Australia Post and BCG.
Australia Post’s most recent annual report said that “Our Parcel and Express Services business grew from strength to strength this year returning a profit of $354.8 million (up 29.1 per cent this year, or 13.1 per cent excluding StarTrack). Underpinning this result was growth in domestic parcel volumes of 9.3 per cent…”

“How can they now turn around and say the business is about to lose money,” asked Mr. O’Nea.

“Australia Post has recently argued that the delivery of letters at current standards is ‘unsustainable’, but in fact the delivery network used for letters is actually the foundation on which the rapidly growing, and highly profitable, small parcel delivery business is based,” he said.
“Before any changes are even considered to the daily mail service there should be a full public consultation process so the community and the businesses that rely on Australia Post can have their say,” Mr. O’Nea said. 

Media enquiries:  Genevieve Wauchope 0431 465 952 or Martin O’Nea 0408 208 363

CWU Members Re-instated 3 & a Half Years After Dismissal

On 23 July 2014, the Full Federal Court of Australia handed down its decision to reject Australia Posts appeal against the reinstatement of three Dandenong Letter Facility members who had been dismissed for sending inappropriate emails.

The result means that after a 3½ year fight:

  • Two members will be re-instated with back pay (discounted).

  • The third member is yet to have his remedy determined. He has won damages at the first hearing but seeks re-instatement.
The CWU represented the members because many of the emails they had sent had originated from managers, who had not been disciplined for the exact same conduct. The matter was before Fair Work Commission initially, then a full Bench of the FWC on appeal, and then again before a Full Bench of the Federal Court.
This is a big win. It cost considerable monies. And it demonstrates our commitment to members to ensure a just outcome.

Update on 900 jobs cut from Australia Post
Five weeks after media announcements of 900 job cuts in Australia Post, approximately 428 jobs will be gone by September 2014 Post told the union yesterday.

The bulk of the job cuts are in Postal Services (CMS & Retail). The next big area hit with job cuts is Parcel Services. Smaller numbers are expected to go in IDT, Corporate & Commercial Services, Corporate Affairs & Peoples, and Marketing & Customer Experience. All states are impacted with NSW and Victoria having the bulk of the redundancies. Post provided numbers but we were asked not to publish the numbers.

About 50% of the initial jobs identified are contract managers and 50% are award employees in administration and support roles.

Frontline operational and customer facing roles are not part of the 900 jobs to be cut.

Despite earlier advice to the union, contractors are not part of the 900 jobs to be cut. Post have not identified any contractor jobs but made the sweeping statement that half of the contractor jobs will be gone by the end of September 2014.

Process for dealing with job cuts

Consultation with employees affected by the proposed job cuts will commence next week from 30 July 2014. Further consultation with the union about specific jobs to be cut will occur next week. The National Office and Branches will be involved in discussions with the various Business Units about the positions identified as redundant.

During the consultation phase and under the RRR procedures there is an opportunity to argue that specific positions should not be made redundant. Under the RRR Agreement where a specific position is identified as surplus, consultation will commence with the individual and their union, if requested. Under the RRR Agreement where there are surplus positions which cannot be clearly identified and these are confirmed with the union Post may invite all affected employees at that level to volunteer for retrenchment.

Award employees are also eligible to register for the Swaps Register. This Swaps Register provides an opportunity for employees to swap their nominal position with a surplus employee in exchange for a voluntary redundancy.

Your union can also be involved in discussions with Post on behalf of individual members. Contact your CWU Branch if you need help.