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Friday, 12 September 2014

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Post Annual Report Undermines Mail Crisis Claims 4 September 2014

The Australia Post Annual report released today shows that Ahmed Fahour's claim that mail volumes are in freefall is not correct said an alliance representing employer groups and unions today. Read the Press Release...

Australia Post CEO Fahour unites big unions, small business to oppose service reductions
By Julian Bajkowski on August 28, 2014 in Federal, Finance, Health & Social Services, Jobs, Law

Ahmed Fahour has a special gift for bringing people together.

The $4.8 million-a-year head of Australia Post has accomplished the rare feat uniting business groups, franchisees and unions to bury the hatchet after a new alliance was launched with the specific aim of stopping his proposed changes to the government-owned mail monopoly’s legislated Community Service Obligations (CSO).

The formation of the unusual new front is a major development in the battle over the giant Australian institution’s future.

If successful, the push could derail a radical restructure of Post put forward by Fahour that would see mail delivery frequency chopped and a two tier pricing system introduced to replace standard national mail.

While Mr Fahour has said some of the changes are already on offer to business customers, Post’s senior management has been lobbying frenetically to muster sufficient political support get legislation surrounding its Community Service Obligations relaxed so it can extend them to the wider community.

In the event Post is successful, the reduction in services to stave-off rapidly increasing financial losses would almost certainly come at the expense of thousands more jobs.

Now businesses that rely on Post, the unions that represent its employees and its own Post Office licensees are banging hard on the door of parliamentarians with the message that Post and Fahour must not be given a blank cheque to unilaterally curtail services without first reaching a compromise with major stakeholders.

So far the alliance lining-up to shut down Post’s proposed changes comprises of the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA), which represents printers and mail houses; licensed post offices (LPO Group); and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Community and Public Sector Union and the Communication Workers Union.

The group says “key independents” will be among the first politicians to get their message when a delegation dispatched to Canberra this week for the latest session of Parliament goes to work in the corridors.

Alliance spokesperson Bill Healey (from the PIAA) said the organisations had “come together to voice our concern about the future of Australia Post.”

“Australia Post has failed to outline a clear strategic direction on how it intends to deal with the challenges resulting from the emergence of the digital economy”, Mr Healy said.

“It is time Australia Post worked with industry stakeholders and the community to develop a clear strategic direction for the future of mail services rather than misleading the Australian public on the continuing effectiveness and demand for traditional mail.”

But the group’s list of demands could be tough for Post’s management and ultimately Treasurer Joe Hockey to swallow.

The alliance’s demands include:

  • The retention of all of Australia Post’s existing community service obligations;

  • The restoration of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission oversight of price increases in bulk lodged mail and the monitoring of service standards, as is currently the case of with Post’s community service obligations;

  • The establishment of a bipartisan round table also involving all industry stakeholders to examine options for Australia Post’s future with oversight of proposals and outcomes by the senate communications committee.    read more...

The AMWU was part of a delegation to Canberra this week warning of the devastating impact if Australia Post implements proposals to cut the frequency and increase the prices of letter deliveries. READ THE FULL STORY HERE:

Australia Post

14 August 2014 - 0.5%
4 December 2014 - 2.5%

Your Pay Arrangements
Australia Post has extended the consultation period for a further week.  The issue is listed in FWC Fair Work Commission for this Friday 15 August 2014 at 2pm. more...

Latest News: Australia Post are not going to proceed with the
PAY PROPOSAL at this time.
15 August 2014